Agar agar

Description :

SeaSupplements are selected Agar agar manufacturer. Agar agar is extracted of red seaweeds Rhodophyceae family (as Gelidium sp or Gracilaria sp). He can help customer to gelify preparation. It could be used for different applications : microbiology, biotechnology, human food, …

Fo human Food application, there are several grades :

  • Solid Gel :

We can offer several gel strenghts to follow your requirement. Agar agar can be used in marmelade, panna cotta, … We are offering conventionnal and organic grades.

  • Creamy Gel :

This agar agar increases viscosity in your finished products. Creamy agar agar can be used for coulis,  topping, creamy yogurts.

Function : Gelling agent

Packaging : 25 Kg Bag

Shelf life : 3 years